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the cooking juice

This artisanal Verjus is a labor of love for our family. We produce limited quantities, starting with the green thinning semi-ripe wine grapes, these 'green' grapes come from the viticulture practice of thinning, from our vineyards. This first harvest in the vineyard is now called our Verjus harvest!

Verjus is an acidulant for cooking - to use in place of Lemon Juice, Balsamic or Red Wine Vinegar or Rice Wine Vinegar.

This centuries old ingredient can be used in place of vinegars in your favorite vinaigrette recipe, splashed over fresh cut seasonal fruit, used in place of water for steaming vegetables or light white fish, and used for deglazing pans to name just a few culinary uses.


Double Gold Winner and Best of Show
Sonoma County Harvest Fair
2008 2007 2006 > 3 years running

Brix at Harvest 10-14
pH 2.7

Contains Sulfites

500ml & 3 Liter Bag-in-a Box

3-Liter box for Food Service only. Unless you call and beg us for a box!
100% Estate Grown and Produced